More than four decades ago, brothers Charles V. and William E. Welden, and Peter W. Field (pictured from left to right) started a family owned business called WeldenField. Over the years, members of the Welden and Field families have continued to build the business, which has grown into a diverse group of companies specializing in property management, residential development and construction, hotel development and management and multifamily development, renovation and acquisition.

 Property Management

 In 1977, SPM (formerly Southeastern Property Management) was formed to operate and manage Covington Apartments and Highland Manor, both multi-family housing communities. SPM is now one of the leading property management companies in the southeastern United States managing approximately 174 multifamily communities in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, South Carolina, New York, Washington DC and Virginia.

 Development, Construction, Management and Renovation

For decades, WeldenField formed numerous businesses specializing in development, hotel management, banking, construction and finance. Tremendous growth resulted out of strategic moves made after the S&L crisis. Along with successful developments completed by Southeastern Property Development (SPD) and management with SPM, LLC, WeldenField also owned and operated the 3rd largest FHA lender in the country: Highland Mortgage, which was sold to GMAC in 2005. This deep tradition of entrepreneurial spirit continues today and has led to many new and exciting business ventures.

A Solid Reputation of Integrity, Fairness and Ingenuity

WeldenField has earned a reputation of integrity, fairness and ingenuity through generations of real estate development experience. With nationwide operations and an extensive client roster of highly satisfied clients and residents, this family-owned business has achieved a solid record of success through diligent planning, conservative financial underwriting and careful execution.