Brian Rowe

Tommie Skellie

Operations Manager

Born and educated in Birmingham, Alabama, Tommie has 30 years’ experience in the multi-family housing industry. Her career began at Highland Mortgage Company where she worked for over 24 years. She was Assistant to the President, Corporate Secretary and Assistant Vice President and Insurance Coordinator. These duties enabled her to work in all aspects of multi-family lending, from the initial loan processing through closing and delivery of the loan. Additionally, she coordinated all types of insurance required for the multi-family properties.

Tommie went to work at Capmark Finance, Inc. in 2005 as Assistant Vice President of Underwriting. This opportunity allowed her to broaden her knowledge with reviewing and underwriting multi-family loans as required by The Department of Housing and Urban Development. In 2007, she joined the staff of BREC Development, LLC as a Loan Processor to continue her work in multifamily lending.

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