Robert C Field

Robert C. Field

WeldenField Development, LLC

Robert C. Field is a senior partner with Welden-Field-Welden group of companies specializing in real estate development, mortgage banking, property management, alternative investments, and banking (now sold).

Robert’s current direct work focus includes multifamily mortgage banking and investing, alternative assets, and administration. He currently serves as Chairman of The General Retirement System for Employees of Jefferson County which has over $1.2 billion in assets under the plan. Robert is also Chairman of MacRegen, Inc., an early stage bio-tech company, involved in researching cures and treatments for AMD (age related macular degeneration) that impacts over 195 million people worldwide. Previously, he was involved with the management, operation, and sale of Highland Mortgage Company as well as the management, operation and stock sale of Corinthian Mortgage Corporation.

Robert was a CPA with Arthur Andersen & Company and has a B.S. in Commerce and Business Administration; University of Alabama; Magna Cum Laude. He is a member of OLS Catholic Church and has one daughter and is actively engaged in her volleyball sporting activities.


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